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UnAddicta is an Ecosystem where Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Neuro-Supplements combine to help you become free from addiction and live a healthier and fuller life.

Each provide different aspects of care and in synergy lead to better and more stable results. Our Providers are reviewed and selected for their expertise and experience in the field of Addiction Medicine. They are able to consult within our community regarding difficult and complex cases.

Our Neuro-Supplements may act on Receptors and Reward System Pathways in the brain.

They may influence the mechanisms of addiction, may reduce the symptoms of abstinence and make the addictive behavior less pleasurable and gradually unwanted. Used as standalone support, or in addition to your Traditional Medical Treatment they may lower the required dosage and decrease the unwanted side effects.

Whether you would like to stop completely, achieve gradual results, or reduce your addictive behavior, we will help you along the way, discretely and with compassion.

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Your expertise and compassion can make all the difference in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse. By providing essential support, guidance, and treatment, you have the power to help people break free from their addiction and achieve a brighter future. Join us today and become a vital part of this mission to help people overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.